Rat sighting at hypermarket disgusts shoppers


KUALA LUMPUR: A video of a rat spotted chilling out on a shelf, next to packages of boxed drinks at a hypermarket in Bandar Utama has been making its rounds on social media, much to the outrage of netizens.

The 12-second video, uploaded on March 20 by Facebook user Tressa Cheong, showed a rat inhabiting the drinks section of the hypermarket in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

In the video, the rat was seen sleeping next to a pack of drinks on the topmost shelf.

Netizens, shocked by the dirty conditions of the popular retailer, have expressed their dissatisfaction over the hypermarket’s cleanliness level.

Facebook user Jasvinder Kaur called for the Health Ministry to reassess the premises.

“Oh my god...That is why a lot of people are getting of leptospirosis nowadays. This hypermarket should be reassessed by the Healthy Ministry,” she said.

Another user Wen Qing shared her own encounter with the rodent at the same premises.

“I (once) saw a rat in their display fridge near organic section – hiding behind vegetables. The staff attempted to catch it after they were alerted by the customers,” she posted.

A spokesman of 1 Utama Shopping Centre when contacted said they are aware of the case and have been liaising with the hypermarket to step up pest control.

The shopping complex is also monitoring the premises closely to avoid recurring cases.

The hypermarket is believed to have been conducting treatment at the premises to curb the problem.