From Rats to Cats: Kitty’s adventure in Singapore train station ends with grand escort

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A kitty’s expedition, which led it all the way to an underground train station, unfortunately had to end recently.

A grey tabby casually wandering around Pasir Panjang station on Sunday was reported to train staff for fear of its safety and had to be escorted out of the premises.

Captured in a TikTok, the cat did not hesitate to trudge down the stairs leading to the train platform. It refused to be manhandled when one staff tried to pick it up but was ok with being escorted out on paws after.


bro didnt tap in and thought he could get away with it

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Turns out, this might not be the first time the feline has infiltrated the station as TikTok poster Jiannah Bianca told The Straits Times that she thinks it might be a “regular” as the staff was calling it by its name.

Maybe the furball read the news because this happened days after a baby rodent was caught scurrying on a train on the East-West Line. Most passengers remained calm although some lifted their legs up to let the rat pass.

When staff tried to catch it onboard, it skillfully disappeared. SMRT said it was removed after the train returned to its depot.

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