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Real Housewife Peggy Sulahian gets caught ‘stealing’ salad recipe post from small TikTok creator

A food content creator was shocked to discover a wealthy reality star had re-uploaded her recipe and was passing it off as her own. Now the TV personality is putting the blame on her (ex) social media manager — and TikTok is confused.

Peggy Sulahian, famous for being the 100th housewife on The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo, was called out after posting a fennel citrus salad recipe to her Instagram Stories.

But the Stories (which have since been deleted) seemed oddly familiar to viewers, who immediately flagged them to their creator, food and fashion influencer Isabelle Heikens.

“Peggy sulahian on ig literally reposted this as her own pls go look before her story goes away😂😂😂,” TikTok user and parttime sleuth @user591737037048 wrote in the comments of Isabelle’s fennel salad post.

Isabelle immediately looked into the claim and was shocked to see her very own photos and recipe posted to the reality star’s Instagram account.

According to Isabelle, who addressed the stolen content in a response video, she first uploaded her fennel citrus salad to her Instagram Stories on May 14. Just a few days later, the salad recipe appeared on Peggy’s Instagram Stories — no credit to Isabelle, and no link to her account.

Peggy’s Stories were a shot-for-shot re-upload of Isabelle’s — but with one slight difference: In Peggy’s post, someone had taken the time to blur out the text in each of Isabelle’s shots and replace it with their own — changing only the font, however, not the words themselves.

“I thought [my font] was cuter,” Isabelle later wrote in the comments of her video.

However, Isabelle took the stolen content in stride, choosing to find the humor in the situation. “Honestly, I’m kind of honored a millionaire thought my salad was nice enough to claim it as their own, so thanks, Peggy,” she states in her video.

And Isabelle isn’t wrong in addressing Peggy as such. According to, Peggy’s net worth is estimated to be over $6 million; her husband, Diki Sulahian, is said to have a net worth of about $8 million.

A day after Isabelle’s response video was posted, Peggy took to Instagram to address the controversy in an album post.

“hi friends! earlier today, it was brought to my attention that my social media manager reposted stories on my instagram without giving credit to the original content creator,” Peggy’s post reads.

“I put a stop to this and i have personally reached out to give my sincerest apology to the original creator. hopefully you all understand this honest mistake.”

In a private message exchange with Isabelle — which Peggy also shared in her post — Peggy reveals that her social media manager has since been fired.

But Peggy’s apology post still gave no credit to Isabelle for her original recipe or made any mention of her name or account, something Isabelle addressed in a follow-up video.

But Isabelle seemed more concerned with “Saladgate” resulting in someone’s unemployment rather than not receiving credit from Peggy.

“I am so sorry somebody lost their job over this, especially in today’s economy, to lose your job — and over a salad — is insane. So, I’m very sorry for that,” she said in a follow-up video to Peggy’s statement.

TikTokers were perplexed by the whole controversy.

“Kind of makes you wonder how often celebrities do this to creators and we just don’t notice,” mused @bechkos in the comments.

“I don’t get why she didn’t just make your salad recipe and give you credit on her stories lmao,” wondered @user..kt.

Others felt like Peggy might be misleading followers to get out of the sticky situation.

“girl I am a social media manager and I bet you she does not have one 😂😂 we know not to do that,” alleged @lizgreene17.

While the salad drama might not have been resolved in a fully satisfying way, Isabelle seems to have found peace with the situation, stating in her final video on the matter, “Me and Pegs are fine. We’re good.”

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