Recharge your phone using the power of the sun with Grouphug Solar’s Window Solar Charger

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If you’ve been curious about solar power, but aren’t sure where to start, perhaps a stylish window-hanging solar power charger can help you get your toes wet when it comes to eco-conscious living.

Grouphug Solar’s (@grouphugsolar) mission is to make accessible and eco-friendly tech gadgets that look right at home in your living space, and their Window Solar Charger is no exception! Grouphug Solar founder, Krystal Persaud, noticed that a lot of the current solar panel models on the market “were not cute,” and wanted to upgrade the design to something people would be proud to hang in their homes.

Beyond its sleek design, the Window Solar Charger is super easy to use. It’s designed to be someone’s “first step” with solar energy, so all users have to do is hang it on a provided suction cup on their window, and let the sun do its thing.

The charger has a built-in USB port at the bottom where users can plug their devices in to charge them. Connected to the charging port is a rechargeable battery that’s built into the bamboo frame. It takes between 4-8 hours for a device to get a full charge with the Window Solar Charger, or the duration of sunlight during the day, according to Persaud.
If there’s one thing people can take away from Grouphug Solar’s business model, it’s that “solar design can be ridiculously good-looking and you shouldn’t settle for what’s out there,” Persaud tells In The Know. “And I do think the more people push for different designs, the more popular solar is going to become.” Persaud believes that as people are more exposed to solar energy and how sustainability fits into their daily lives, they’ll become interested in solar power more broadly, whether that’s solar panels on their roof, or community solar power. Now that’s a win-win!

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