Red Sox manager Alex Cora mad at O's after weather postponement wipes out 5-0 lead

The Baltimore Orioles don’t control the weather. But they do control whether to start a game because of the weather.

And for that, Alex Cora is displeased. The Boston Red Sox manager tacitly called out the Orioles after Wednesday’s game in Baltimore got postponed after the skies opened up in the second inning with Boston holding a 5-0 lead.

Andrew BenintendiMookie Betts and J.D. Martinez each had home runs wiped off the books, which Red Sox Twitter took notice of.

Red Sox see 5-0 lead amount to nothing

“I feel for the team,” Cora told reporters. “I don’t care about the home runs. We had a 5-0 lead, and we have one of the horses on our mound. It’s not that it’s a guaranteed win, but we know where we are at, and every game matters.”

Where the Red Sox are at is first place in the AL East and looking to fend off the New York Yankees and Houston Astros for home field advantage throughout the AL postseason. The Orioles, meanwhile, are the worst team in baseball.

Alex Cora tacitly called out the Orioles for starting games under poor weather conditions that saw a likely Red Sox win wiped off the books. (AP)

Cora reasonable to be upset with O’s

So Cora has a right to be upset. It was the second game of the series that saw a rain delay early in the game, and Cora vented about “whoever handled” the decision to start those games.

“I’m annoyed about the whole three-game series,” Cora said. “Honestly, it was tough. Rick [Porcello] had to wait for a while in a game with two outs in the first inning, and it was a rain delay.”

“You’re upset with how Baltimore handled it?” a reporter asked.

“Whoever handled it, yeah,” Cora answered.

“What should they have done?” the reporter asked.

“Not started it,” Cora responded.

While it’s up to the umpires to call the status of the game once it starts, it was the Orioles’ decision as the home team to start those game in the first place.

Presumably those decision makers had access to weather forecasts.

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