Reduce food wastage at functions, Ali Hamsa tells civil service


PUTRAJAYA: The civil service should take the lead in promoting efforts to reduce food wastage, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa.

He said all levels of ministries and government agencies should carry out initiatives in their departments to cut down on unnecessary wastage.

"I have seen for myself so much of food being wasted during functions and events. Often times good food are just thrown away without even being eaten.

"This wastage should stop. Don't serve food at events which is held after a meal. Just serve mineral water if need be," he told reporters after the launching of the MysaveFood campaign for civil servants.

He hoped the campaign will be awareness not only to public servants but also their families.

"We aim to reach out to five million people including the 1.6 million civil servants through the campaign and hope it will bring about great awareness on this topic," he added.

It's always best to practice moderation when it comes to eating, Ali said.

"Perhaps ministries, departments and agencies should stop serving food buffet style and serve prepacked food," he added.

Ali explained that Malaysians on average waste some 15 metric tonnes organic wastes in which some out 3,000 metric tonnes of food were still edible.

"The total estimation of this wastage is a whopping RM6 million." he added.