Reebok's DMX Ruffle Sneakers Are All Frills

Reebok is stepping into the future with its first womenswear line, introducing the DMX Ruffle sneaker.

Curated by Ada Kokosar, the collection marks a new era for the Boston-based sportswear brand as it is the first of its kind. The hero of the range is the high-fashion-meets-streetwear DMX Ruffle sneaker. "[It] was the main inspiration, the DMX was actually a shoe that was representing the moment of liberating women," Kokosar stated.

Taking inspiration from the DMX Run 6 silhouette, the shoe stands out with a fanciful ruffle on the collar, mimicking aristocrats' petticoats. The dainty details extend down the laces to the toe box, completing the feminine footwear. The sneaker also boasts a hidden one-inch heel to make the wearer feel all the more confident and empowered. The collection also includes statement-making leotards, color-blocked leggings and plenty of mesh for a healthy dose of sex appeal. "Overall, I wanted to conceive this collection as an open wardrobe. My contribution to it and the overall vision of Reebok was to merge together design and styling," Kokosar adds.

Take a look at Reebok's womenswear collection in the gallery above.