Reese Witherspoon has started a viral trend that sums up 2020 – and lots of celebrities are joining in

Caroline Allen
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The meme is so accurate. (Getty Images)
The meme is so accurate. (Getty Images)

It’s undeniable that Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram account is on point.

If the actor isn’t posting TikTok videos with her children, she’s providing us top-quality ‘mum jokes’ and stellar book reviews as part of her renowned Reese’s Book Club.

Now, the 44-year-old has started a viral meme which encapsulates 2020 in one very accurate image.

Loving The Morning Show actor’s work, other celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to create their own equally hilarious memes.

Reese chose nine photos of herself in films and TV shows pulling different facial expressions to depict the first nine months of 2020 – and how it progressively went downhill as the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

We can all relate.

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The hilarity of the meme, which has since been dubbed the “Reese Witherspoon challenge”, encouraged a host of other celebrities to join in, creating their own versions of the grid.

Mindy Kaling was one of the first to re-create the post after she wrote “Reese, I’m dead” under Witherspoon’s effort.

Her attempt included a selection of photos from her time on The Office as well as various other shots.

Jennifer Garner was next up, who described the process of finding the images as “oddly cathartic” in her post which featured not nine months, but the full 12 months of 2020.

Hers was made even more comical by the fact she posted themed faces over her October, November and December photos, including a Father Christmas hat to show it was Christmas time and a ghost for Halloween.

Kate Beckinsale said: “What a year and it’s only August.”

Thanks for the reminder, Kate and thank you for reminding us how many frankly excellent films you’ve been in. From Serendipity to Pearl Harbour, we know what we’ll be adding to our extensive coronavirus watch lists.

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Mark Ruffalo joined in with another great selection of films, of course helped by the fact he has The Hulk in his repertoire. Nothing quite describes these months like an angry photo of The Hulk.

Everyone from Cara Delevigne to Zooey Deschanel has since got involved in it, providing us with the perfect antidote to what has been a rather challenging year.

With more celebrities jumping on the bandwagon by the second, we’re eager to see which ones give it a go next.

“2020! What a time!” Zooey Deschanel wrote, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.