Ref tells Zaza Pachulia Warriors whistled 'because you shot such a bad shot'

File this under not realizing how hot the mic is.

The above exchange is a seemingly harmless one, but also one that could end up being portrayed a bad look if someone wanted to paint an official in a poor light, especially one with ties to Tim Dohaghy who was once voted by players and coaches as the worst official in the NBA.

It’s also funny.

The situation is around the halfway point of the third quarter Wednesday’s Mavericks-Warriors game that Golden State won in the final seconds on a Steph Curry dagger.

Warriors Center Zaza Pachulia clanged a layup from the baseline off the bottom of the backboard after being fouled by Dallas guard Yogi Ferrell.

Zaza Pachulia got jokes from NBA official Scott Foster Wednesday night. (AP)

In the time between the whistle and Pachulia taking his free throws, the Warriors got whistled for a delay of game on a substitution. Pachulia missed the penalty and asked referee Scott Foster why it was called.

Foster, a comedian apparently, responded thusly in audio that’s clearly heard in the video at the :24 mark.

“It’s because you shot such a bad shot, Foster said. “You deserve that delay of game. A swish and it’s not a delay of game.”

Pachulia responded with a big grin, so no harm, no … ummm.

OK, no harm, at least.

H/T @Dan Feldman