UN aid convoy to make fresh attempt to reach battered Syrian rebel enclave

Abdulmonam Eassa
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    A one-sided version, based upon reports from terrorists. When the US were flattening Mosul, Raka the reporting was on the lines of, "The security forces are making progress against terrorists, who are using civilians as human schields". Only recently has the news began to trickle out of the many hundreds of civilians killed in these US operations (but of course, the Americans only drop "good" bombs!)
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    Syrian government could have easily stop the civil disturbance from the very start had the outside forces not intervene and supported or rather orchestrated the rebellion on the first place prolonging the the agony of the population and causing the destruction of Syria.
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    until oppression no more
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    Liberation from wahabbism coming soon
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    From a US miscalculation in Iraq, to Putin's dirty war in Syria, and now Turkey has jumped into the fray
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    Jose G.
    This is one west encouraged rebellion to fight dictatorship and later abandoned them after huge losses of lives and properties! Such action of the west shortsighted that when central gov’t is weakened terrorist extremists will fill leadership vacuum that is worst than dictator! Did not learn from Iraq, Libya .
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    And this worthless U.N. wants to interfere with the Philippines war on drugs?...