Rehamed Therapy: New physio and rehab centre with high-tech facilities in Shah Alam

Milad Hassandarvish
Rehamed Therapy chairman Angela Burchardt, operations director Jorg Teichmann, managing director Datuk Lourdes J. Charles, Nurul Huda Abdullah and German Embassy’s Dr David Krivanek at the official opening. — Picture by Mohd Firdaus Abdul Latif

SHAH ALAM, June 25 — He has treated numerous national athletes including Datuk Nicol David in his 21 years at the National Sports Institute.

Now, in looking for a different challenge, German physiotherapist Jorg Teichmann has branched out on his own to open a physiotherapy centre called Rehamed Therapy at UOA Business Park in Shah Alam.

He has a team of experienced staff, including physiotherapists, sports therapists and sports science specialist.

The centre was set up to offer a range of physio and rehabilitation solutions to athletes and ordinary people.

Teichmann decided to leave the institute last year to open his own centre and create more awareness on the importance of physiotherapy among the general public.

Teichmann’s aspiration at Rehamed is to share his experience with more people besides athletes.

Armed with advanced German-made diagnostic and training machines, he said the centre caters to everyone including athletes, the elderly, desk-bound executives at risk of chronic pain conditions and those suffering from poor posture and mobility.

“The machines come with artificial intelligence and a chip card to record the patients’ recovery process from start to finish,” he added.

Each machine at Rehamed Therapy centre can accept a chip card to record the patient’s recovery process. — Picture by Mohd Firdaus Abdul Latif

Teichmann also noted that they often get patients with lower back and shoulder pains, knee injuries, postural conditions and other sports injuries.

The centre’s managing director Datuk Lourdes J. Charles said he came to know Teichmann about 20 years ago when he got injured and had to go for physiotherapy treatment.

“I was amazed with his skills and told him that if he ever wanted to leave ISN to be on his own, I would love to open a centre with him,” he added.

Commenting on the centre, Lourdes said the high-tech machines are designed to assess, repair and treat injured joint and muscles effectively.

“Besides the equipment, we have a professional and experienced team of physiotherapist who will walk the patients through recovery with their expertise,” he said at the official opening of the centre recently.

Rehamed Therapy’s treatment room. — Picture by Mohd Firdaus Abdul Latif

It was opened by SEA Games 2019 deputy chief de mission and former national swimmer Nurul Huda Abdullah together with German Embassy’s deputy head of mission Dr David Krivanek.

If you’re wondering what the patient’s journey looks like at Rehamed Therapy centre, Teichmann said it starts with an assessment to determine the individual’s body and find out how the injury had occurred.

This will then be followed by drafting a bespoke training plan to suit the patient’s needs.

“Next, the patient will go through rehabilitation procedure (which typically takes between three to six months) to bring back stability and support to the injured area,” he said.

Once the treatment duration is over, Teichmann said the patient will be given a prevention programme to do it either at home or at a gym to avert any injuries in the future.