New release 'MiniLAW: Ministry of Law' dispenses cybernetic pixel justice

After three years in Early Access, "MiniLAW" is ready to deal its own brand of mechanically-enhanced judgement in a dystopian future city-state, its PC edition available now and console versions anticipated in due course.

[MiniLAW Trailer:]

Appalachian developer Lasso Games credits long-running comic book series "Judge Dredd" and 1987 sci-fi movie "RoboCop" with inspiration for "MiniLAW," which is presented in a 1990s-era pixel style and accompanied by an undulating synth-heavy soundtrack.

Players can choose between using lethal force, non-lethal restraint, and verbal interaction in their work to remove unsavory elements from the streets of New Babel.

Moment to moment, that means negotiating life-or-death encounters with murderers, hostage takers, robbers, gang members, mercs and more.

Then it's back to base to cash in on earnings, purchasing skill upgrades, body parts and weaponry, before going back out stronger, faster and better able to deal with the next mission's worth of bad guys.

Adding a bit of time-pressure to proceedings is the fact that a mystery bomber has promised to raze New Babel, the last city on Earth, in just 24 hours.

It's a nuclear conspiracy that threads together four criminal factions, each of which has part of a code to disarm the bomb or the nuclear device itself; each run, therefore, leads up to a last-ditch raid on the bomber's HQ, wherever it may be, to secure the nuke and save humanity.

"MiniLAW: Ministry of Law" was released on PC on January 1, 2020 through Steam and Itch, with Lasso Games having previously suggested that a potential Nintendo Switch edition, at the very least, remains part of future plans.

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