Reminder: October 6 is Star Wars reading day

May 4 might be Star Wars day (as in "may the fourth be with you"), but this October 6 marks the first annual Star Wars Reads day, with publishers, booksellers, and libraries clubbing together to promote literacy in the name of George Lucas' sci-fi series.

With the number of Star Wars books nearly as infinite as the universe itself, there's plenty to pick from, covering various periods and the escapades of characters found in the films and introduced as part of the expanded universe.

Star Wars Reads' inaugural effort is focused on the US, with 1,000 official events logged and other unofficial get-togethers also in the works, and the famly fun days including various activities such as costume dress-up and arts & crafts.

Authors of some of the most popular Star Wars books have already started contributing to the Star Wars website's blog in advance of Star Wars Reads, with themed recipies, childhood memories, Star Wars lore and blood donation in the mix. Find entries at:

The event's timing falls seven months after the National Education Association's Read Across America Day in early March -- preferably March 2, the birthday of author Dr. Seuss.

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