Remittance company foils scam attempt involving almost $31k

Yahoo file photo

Timely intervention by a Singapore remittance company prevented two individuals from being scammed of a total of $30,900.

On 6 November (Monday), the police were alerted by staff from Hanshan Money Express to two suspected cases of cheating.

Officers from the Commercial Affairs Department and Central Police Division responded to the cases and found that two victims, aged 41 and 25, had been scammed into remitting $29,000 and $1,900, respectively, to overseas bank accounts.

According to police investigations, the victims received phone calls claiming to be from police headquarters. They were informed that they were under investigation for money laundering activities.

Shortly thereafter, the victims were provided with instructions on transferring money for “investigations”. The victims complied and on 6 November went to a remittance company – one at 3pm and 5pm – to carry out the instructions.

At the remittance company, the staff who attended to the victims suspected something was amiss and informed their supervisor, who notified the police. A total of $30,900 was fully recovered.

The Singapore Police Force advises members of the public to adopt precautions when receiving unsolicited calls, especially from unknown persons. Those who have information related to such crimes can call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000, or dial 999 for urgent police assistance.

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