Remnant 2’s Next Patch Brings Bug Fixes And A Potato Mode for Underpowered PCs

Remnant 2 promo screenshot
Remnant 2 promo screenshot

An upcoming patch for Gunfire Games’ Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 is set to deliver numerous bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements along with a “Potato Mode” aimed at players with underpowered PCs. Though no firm release date has been revealed for this upcoming Remnant 2 patch, the new update is expected to arrive sometime later this week.

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The next Remnant 2 patch brings bug fixes, QOL improvements, and a “Potato Mode” for PC

As spotted by Eurogamer, developer Gunfire Games is preparing to release a new Remnant 2 patch in the coming days. News of the impending update was shared by Remnant 2’s Principal Designer, Ben Cureton, on his Twitter page early this week. Stating that the latest patch for the Soulslike shooter is planned for release this week “unless something goes horribly wrong,” Cureton gives gamers an idea of what to expect from the update when it arrives. While this patch is largely focused on fixing bugs in Remnant 2, there are also some QOL improvements sure to be welcomed by fans of the title.

Though full release notes for the incoming patch aren’t yet available, it looks to be addressing multiple ongoing issues that have been causing problems for players. Cureton’s Twitter post lists numerous planned fixes for various gameplay mechanics and items in Remnant 2 along with some new gameplay features. Two long-awaited features from the patch making their franchise debut will be the addition of toggle aiming and hold-to-sprint functionality. The absence of these two quality-of-life features in both Remnant 2 and its predecessor drew complaints from some gamers, so their arrival with the next update is sure to be welcome news to franchise fans.

The upcoming Remnant 2 patch should also make it easier for players on older PCs to enjoy the visually stunning, Unreal Engine 5-powered shooter thanks to the addition of a new “Potato Mode.” It’s still unclear how exactly the new mode will work, but it’s likely that it will let PC players trying to squeeze out a few more frames per second adjust the graphical settings for Remnant 2 to lower levels of quality than were previously possible.

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