Renowned Afghan institute's head hits out at Islamic world over Taliban's Afghanistan takeover

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Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies' director Davood Moradian
Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies' director Davood Moradian

New York [US], August 20 (ANI): A renowned Afghan institute's head hit out at the Islamic world for remaining passive over the Taliban's recent takeover of Afghanistan during a UNSC session on Thursday.

"Sadly Islamic world remained a passive observer, intellectual and political stagnation of religious institutions has immensely contributed to the rise of extremism in the Islamic world," Davood Moradian, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies' director said during a UNSC session

"Takeover of Kabul by Taliban on eve of 20th anniversary of 9/11 would be remembered as historic," he added.

Moradian also said that one of the passengers that fell from a flying airplane was reportedly from the Afghan National Football team.

On Monday, a video surfaced on the internet showing at least three Afghans fell from a C-17 Globemaster plane soon after it took off from Kabul airport as they were clinging on to either the undercarriage of the C-17 or the landing gear of the transport plane when they got flung out due to the huge G-force exerted during take-off.

Afghans were rushing to leave the country as the Taliban on Sunday entered the presidential palace in Kabul soon after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the nation.

The Taliban leaders are discussing future government plans and are in touch with intra-Afghan parties.

The UNSC held a meeting on Afghanistan on Monday morning under the Indian presidency and called for an immediate cessation of all hostilities and the establishment of a new government in Afghanistan that is united, inclusive and representative.

In a press statement, UNSC President TS Tirumurti said that the members of the Security Council called for an immediate end to the violence in Afghanistan, the restoration of security, civil and constitutional order.

UNSC members also called for urgent talks to resolve the current crisis of authority in the country and to arrive at a peaceful settlement through an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned process of national reconciliation. (ANI)

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