Rent-tangay scam victims reaffirm complaints vs alleged mastermind

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One of the victims of the “rent-tangay” scam faced a preliminary investigation yesterday to reaffirm complaints against the mastermind of the modus operandi.

Some of the respondents appeared but the alleged masterminds of the “rent-tangay” scam, Rafaela Anunciacion and Tychicus Nambio, were a no-show.

A lawyer for Marilou Cruz, who was an agent for Anunciacion, said that his client is also a victim of the scam.  In fact, they already filed a separate complaint against Anunciacion before the provincial prosecutor’s office of Bulacan.

“We are going to prove that our clients are innocent and are victims as well. It is not true that our clients participated in planning and in carrying out such scam known as ‘rent-tangay’,” said Cruz’ lawyer.

However, one of the victims of the scam who goes by the alias “Cam”,  is thinking of dropping his complaint.

Since he already has his car back, he said he does not want any further trouble.

“I have nothing against the man. He did pay the rent [for my car]. Everything is now settled,” Cam said.

The respondents are facing estafa complaints for failing to give monthly rentals to car owners.

Some of the units were even mortgaged without the consent of the legitimate owners. – Roderic Mendoza | UNTV News & Rescue

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