Report lodged over 'muntah cleaning' receipt


KUALA LUMPUR: A popular nasi kandar restaurant owner here has lodged a police report over the viralling of a receipt from the outlet which showed a charge of RM15 had been imposed for muntah cleaning (cleaning of vomit).

Muhammad Nazreen Naveen Adbullah, 42, owner of the Pelita restaurant in Jalan Ampang here, expressed his displeasure over the incident, which he claimed was aimed at tarnishing the restaurant’s name.

He explained that a group of six people had visited the restaurant at 4am on Sunday.

“They were intoxicated and had ordered food.

“While eating, two of them vomited on the plates and table.

“The other customers were disgusted by the incident and we decided to dispose of all the plates and glasses on the table.

 “We have never charged any additional costs in cases involving children who vomit or dirty the place,” he said in the police report lodged at 10.27pm on Sunday at the Dang Wangi police station.

A photograph of the receipt went viral on social media and WhatsApp, and garnered negative remarks from Netizens who were outraged over the incident.

One of the images was captioned “Don’t let your children puke in Pelita restaurant. It’s chargeable”.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Benedict Lim (one of the six people who had gone to Pelita on the day of the incident) claimed that only one of his friends vomited in the incident.

Upon seeing the receipt, he said they were amused that there was such thing as “muntah cleaning”.

“All of us burst into laughter as this was the first time we’ve came across such charges.

“We paid Nasi Kandar Pelita RM15 without complaining or whatsoever.

“We had a good laugh about this matter until we found out that this post went viral.”