Report problems of gangsterism among students, Nur Jazlan tells school administrators

Chuah Bee Kim

JOHOR BARU: The Home Ministry today urged schools administrators to report problems of gangsterism among their students to the relevant authorities.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan said reporting to the police was important because such problem needed to be curbed early before it escalated into something worse.

"Do not cover up just because you don't want to taint the school's reputation," he said.

In the meantime, Nur Jazlan said police will be working closely with the schools involved by increasing patrols to create a deterrent.

"We have identified six schools in Johor Baru North (with this problem) and police are patrolling these areas especially during peak hours," he said, adding that the northern district has a population of 6,600 people to 900 policemen.

Nur Jazlan was commenting on the case of a school in Klang, Selangor where 18 individuals, including 13 students have been arrested for their involvement with Gang 24.

In a separate matter, he said the Home Ministry has directed the National Registration Department to look into the issue of stateless children.

"There are some 1,000 such cases and it is not fair to these children to be without a status." he said.