Representatives of Nepal's indigenous nationalities reject CJ-government

News Desk in Kathmandu/The Kathmandu Post
Asia News Network

Kathmandu (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (Nefin) has objected to the move by the four major political parties to form a non-partisan government led by incumbent Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to hold fresh Constituent Assembly elections in Nepal in May.

In a statement on Monday, Nefin Chairman Rajkumar Lekhi said that the formation of a non-partisan government with the CJ as its head would "defame" democracy and slammed leaders of the major political parties for ignoring obvious facts. "Civil rights bestowed by the constitution could collapse if the country fails to keep the judiciary away from politics," said Lekhi. "An independent judiciary is essential for a democratic state structure."

Nefin further said that the recent decision of the parties was a step towards a serious conspiracy. Lekhi warned that the political and constitutional crisis could be aggravated if the CJ is made the executive head. Nefin said that all the present problems can be resolved by reinstating the erstwhile CA and promulgating a new constitution through it. It also suggested that an all-party national political conference could be held to resolve the issues.