Rescued kittens are seeing a toy for the first time in their lives

These kittens, Archie and Lilibet have just arrived in a little paradise known as Black Dog Farm and Rescue, Texas. Their lives here will be full of peaceful sleep, full bellies, playtime, safety, and love. They started out as unwanted kittens, being given away to the first person willing to claim them on Facebook. Their picture was posted, with an address and a message: "Come get them." Sadly, this is exactly how kittens are claimed and picked up for all sorts of inhumane and unspeakable fates. "Free kittens" are often used for dog fighting rings, reptile and snake food, and cruel treatment and abusive scenarios. But these lucky ginger kitties were found by Jennifer and Jim of Black Dog Farm and Rescue (Texas). Although the rescue was at full capacity, they quickly found a way to bring them in and give them a foster home. The kittens were fed, cared for, socialized, and given veterinary care. This is something that they were never going to see in their original home. These kittens are going to be provided with carefully selected forever homes and their new families will provide photos, updates and news to reassure Jennifer and Jim that they are well and truly happy. This video was taken on the first night in their new home and the kittens were loving everything about it. They were experiencing play time, which was probably something new as well. Black Dog Farm and Rescue (Texas) does incredible work, taking in the saddest and neediest cases, but it is only possible through the generosity of friends, family, and donations from animal lovers who want to make a difference. Find Black Dog Farm and Rescue on Facebook to follow their adventures. And please consider helping them with a gift that will put food in the dishes for sweet souls like these kittens. Please check out their page for heart warming stories of other rescues.