Restaurant denies driving away Alan Tam from premise

24 Sep – A staff of an eating establishment in Wan Chai has recently denied claims that the restaurant has driven Alan Tam away from the premise due to the singer's previous support for the Hong Kong police.

As reported on Epoch Times, the controversy sparked recently, when a netizen posted on Facebook saying that he or she saw the incident take place.

"After queuing for 25 minutes, I was seated. I saw [Alan Tam] wearing a hat and sunglasses. He went straight to the counter and asked to place an order, but a few seconds later, the owner came out and said that it's a full house and that he should go elsewhere," said the netizen.

It was also alleged that following the incident, someone shouted, "Don't come again in the future" and that others at the restaurant applauded.

However, according to Mingpao, a staff of the restaurant had since clarified the situation, saying that it didn't go as it was told by the netizen.

The staff stated that Alan had wanted to have dinner at the restaurant, but was told by the manager that the place was full and that he will have to wait in line. However, the singer finally decided not to do so and left instead.

As for the other customers applauding, the staff said that it was not intended by their establishment.

The anger towards Alan sparked back in June when the singer decided to attend a rally in support of the Hong Kong police following the clashes against the authority and the Hong Kong extradition bill protesters. Many Hong Kong fans of the singer accused him of bowing to the central government and called for a boycott against him and his music.

(Photo Source: Alan Tam Instagram)