Results are in: What Singaporeans most want in their Jubilee Baby Gift pack



Looks like babies born next year will most likely receive a special medallion or coin as part of their Jubilee Baby Gift Pack.

According to voting results released by the National Population and Talent Division on Monday, the gift item garnered the highest vote (61 per cent) followed by a multi-functional shawl (47 per cent), a baby sling (44 per cent) and a set of baby clothes (44 per cent).

The Jubilee Baby Gift is intended for newborns next year to commemorate the nation’s 50th birthday, the government announced earlier in April.

The voting results came after two months of public consultation wherein 20,000 votes were cast through NPTD’s website. Focus groups and feedback booths were also set up all around Singapore.

Over 6,500 item suggestions received were also taken into consideration.

“There were such a variety of different approaches when choosing the items for the Jubilee Baby Gift: some looked for items that would see the most practical use for parents; others chose items that would provide historical significance when the baby grew up and looked at the gift some twenty years from now,” said NPTD on the Jubilee Baby website.

Finalised items to be given in the Jubilee Baby Gift pack will be announced in the next few months, they said.