A Reunion Like No Other: Grandma in T-Rex Costume Greets Family at Toronto Airport (File)

Tabitha Cooper’s sons, Owen and Ethan, were greeted with a heartwarming surprise upon arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport to visit family.

Cooper’s mother donned the well-known inflatable T-Rex costume to meet the boys at their arrival gate.

In a video posted to Facebook on August 27, 2018, the kids freeze as they walk past a luggage carousel and see the dinosaur scurrying up to them. Their T-Rex grandma then scoops one of them up and swings him around as he giggles. Owen and Ethan can then be seen jokingly running away from their T-Rex-attired grandma as one of them remarks, “It’s the dinosaur from Jurassic Park!”

“The boys loved the greeting so much they asked for dinosaur costumes for Halloween, which my mother sent for them. They decided to use these when we picked her up in Victoria,” Cooper told Storyful. Credit: Tabitha Cooper via Storyful