How to find your 'Year in Review' 2020 on TikTok

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TikTok unveiled its personalized 'Year on TikTok' recap on December 21.

TikTok is jumping on the 2020 recap bandwagon too. The Chinese social network has unveiled a new feature for its users that allows them to relive their last year on the platform. From favorite effects to the most-listened-to music genres, users can revisit their best moments.

After Spotify, TikTok is bringing out its "Year on TikTok" recap, albeit a little late, with just over a week to go before the end of the year. This feature gives users the opportunity to revisit 2020 and see metrics like your most-watched audio and videos, your favorite effects, like and comment activity and the number and kinds of videos you shared.

Users can also scroll through animations that retrace their activities to discover their top "vibes," or trends they engaged with, based on the content they liked over the year.

For newer members who may not have established a "vibe" yet, these "vibes" will report the best videos of the year, as seen in TikTok's own Top 100.

"Year on TikTok" marks a first for the application, which has never before offered this feature.

You can find your personalized summary by opening the TikTok application in its latest version and going to the "Discover" tab to access the "Year on Tiktok" banner. You can also access this fun feature via your "For You" feed.

And by sharing your summary of the year 2020 on your TikTok account, you can get a "2021" badge to add to your profile picture, to celebrate the new year ahead of time.