Richmond's Subaru Slasher is selective in his tire-slashing

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A vandal with motives unknown targeted Subarus in the historic Richmond, Virginia, neighborhood of Church Hill Saturday night, slashing the tires of more than a dozen vehicles along a mile-long path.

No other vehicles appear to have been targeted, and local police have no leads apart from security camera footage of the suspect piercing the tires of what appears to be a Subaru Forester parked outside a local residence. The suspect wore gloves and deliberately punctured all four tires, so this appears to be anything but the random whim of a disgruntled passer-by.

"Richmond Police detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify the individual," a Richmond Police told Richmond's WTVR Channel 6 News. "First Precinct detectives are canvassing the area to locate damaged vehicles that may not have yet been reported. Detectives are seeking additional video from doorbell or surveillance cameras and are asking the public for information about this suspect."

Who is this mysterious Subaru Slasher? A jilted lover whose partner's side piece drives a Subaru, but he's not quite certain which model? A tire shop owner down on his luck and hoping for a quick cash grab? Somebody who just really, really hates standard symmetrical all-wheel drive? The world may never know.

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