How to get rid of those creepy crawlies–naturally!

In India, our homes are no stranger to pests with creepy crawlies visiting us occasionally. Step off the pesticide wagon and try something natural to get rid of them!

Getting rid of spiders

These eight legged creatures lurk around in the dark corners of your house. Before you try using any product to get rid of spiders, you may want to consider clearing up your house so that these spiders don’t find a cosy environment to settle into.

  • Lemon oil is a natural deterrent for spiders. They can taste the lemon oil with their legs and get repelled by it. Scrub down your cupboards, windows or spots where you normally find spiders with it.
  • You can also try leaving eucalyptus leaves or baking soda in corners where you usually find spiders. They are also natural repellents.

Having said that, spiders eat cockroaches and other bugs, so having a few around your house (as long as they are not poisonous) may not be such a bad idea.

Getting rid of cockroaches

Getting rid of cockroachesGetting rid of cockroachesIt is usually said that after a nuclear blast, the only creatures surviving will be cockroaches. So is there any way of getting rid of these drain crawlers naturally?

  • Bay leaves will help you get rid of cockroaches without killing them. Crush some up and place in your kitchen, drains and bathroom cabinets.
  • Mix one cup baking soda with one spoon of sugar. Scatter it around the house. The sugar ends up attracting cockroaches where as the baking soda works as poison.

Getting rid of ants

Getting rid of antsGetting rid of antsThese sturdy little creatures will somehow find their way to your kitchen if you’ve left food outside and they won’t come alone. You’ll usually find ants following each other to the food and back. The trick is to avoid letting them seek out your food.

  • The simple things that you can do include keeping your kitchen clean, ensuring all the plates are washed immediately after eating, keeping your ants-attracting food like your honey jar in a bowl of water.
  • Try using vinegar to wipe your kitchen top if you notice ant activity. The vinegar smell is a major repellent for ants.
  • Try marking your kitchen area with turmeric, cinnamon or lemon oil. As far as ants are concerned, these are extremely effective in keeping your house ants free.

Getting rid of mice

Mice are extremely unhygienic and you should get to work as soon as you spot one.

  • Put 2-3 drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in your house. You can also try growing some peppermint plants in your house.
  • If you have a cat or your neighbours have a cat, borrow their kitty litter and place it around your house. It may raise up a stink but it’s the most effective natural mice repellent available.

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