Rihanna admires Westwood

12 April 2012
Rihanna admires Westwood

Rihanna thinks Vivienne Westwood's style is "top notch".

The stunning songstress has revealed the stars she looks to for fashion inspiration. Rihanna - who is famed for her head-turning aesthetic - garners ideas from both female and male icons.

"Chloë Sevigny is so sick. The Olsen twins are sick too. Debbie Harry, definitely, and Vivienne Westwood is top notch! There are a couple of guys though – Johnny Depp’s style is just effortless and, for me, Rod Stewart gets it right," she told Company magazine.

Rihanna claims her fashion sense is "ever evolving". The 24-year-old star likes to experiment with a range of different looks, thanks to her male-dominated family.

"As a little girl, I only ever wanted to wear my brother’s clothes. I grew up with my brothers and [male] cousins so it was only when I met my best friend at 14 and discovered fashion magazines that I got into heels," she said.

"Before that, I always went out in sneakers and pants with a T-shirt rolled up and my cap low. I was never girly."

Rihanna doesn't care much for dieting. She prefers to rely on her good genes when it comes to her enviable figure.

"Honestly, I don’t diet or work out. I’m eating horribly and, I hate to say this, but it has to be my metabolism. When I was on tour I started gaining a lot of weight - it was crazy. I wasn’t sleeping, I was bloated and taking medication to look after my voice," she said.

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