Rinnai develops Micro Bubble bath unit for human health

Tokyo (Japan), Aug 27 (ANI): Japanese company Rinnai is famous for gas stoves and water heater. Recently, it has developed thermal energy tools and machinery. The over a century-old company continues to produce advanced devices to improve social life. In 1918, the founder of Rinnai, Hidejiro Naito invented an oil gas cooking stove. It aims to realize comfortable daily life based on the principle of contribution to society. The latest micro and ultrafine bubble technology of Rinnai provides a comfortable bath unit. The bubble has 3 categories which are milli, micro and ultrafine. The process by which a fine bubble is created is made possible by Rinnai's accumulated technology. Micro and ultrafine bubbles technology is beneficial for health. It penetrates the pores of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated. The bubbles even help to remove dirt from skin. Rinnai is also conducting a clinical trial in nursing homes for the elderly to further improve the functioning of the product. Rinnai policy is to raise quality daily life by introducing new advanced products for over the next hundred years.

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