Rishi Sunak reveals ‘very unhealthy’ diet of Haribo and Twix during election campaign

Rishi Sunak revealed his “appalling diet” of Haribo and Twix on the campaign trail during the Sky News debate with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on Wednesday night.

The prime minister gave the response when Beth Rigby asked him about his previous “Dishy Rishi” nickname and urged him to share something personal which might endear voters towards him.

He said: “I actually have an appalling diet because I eat an enormous amount of sugar, and I’m very unhealthy in that regard, which I was talking to someone earlier today about. They were completely shocked.”

The prime minister added: “They were genuinely surprised about the amount of Haribos, Twixes and everything else that I get through, particularly during an election campaign.”

It’s not the first time prime minister has mentioned his diet during the general election campaign. Last month he admitted his fitness had “taken a knock” due to the cake and chocolate keeping him going on the campaign trail.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer arrives for the Sky News election event in Grimsby on Wednesday (Getty Images)
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer arrives for the Sky News election event in Grimsby on Wednesday (Getty Images)

The prime minister, who is known to enjoy using his Peloton exercise bike and also takes part in intermittent fasting, told reporters last month: “My normal fitness has taken a bit of knock but I am walking a lot, if nothing else, but eating far too much chocolate on the road.

“Because we are getting out and about talking to lots of people, that is keeping me fit, just running around the country trying to talk to as many people as possible.”

In his prior job as chancellor he revealed his “sugar problem” and outlined his snack combination prior to any important parliamentary business.

He told Times Radio: “I have a general pre-game routine, pre-match routine, for when I have to do parliamentary things which is, look, I have a sugar problem so I tend to have a Twix and a can of Sprite, even though my favourite thing is Coke but I save that for afterwards.

“But I have a Twix and a can of Sprite which Lisa who runs my office always make sure is sitting there on my desk in Parliament, so that is my immediate pre-game kind of booster.”