Rizz-ky business: Singapore Police Force’s TikTok account is giving everyone secondhand cringe

Ads and sponsored posts are quite the norm these days but imagine getting your mindless light-hearted scrolling sesh interrupted by a message from the Singapore Police Force in the form of a music video.

For that, our local police force is guilty.

Platforms like TikTok resonate strongly with the younger generation, so we don’t blame brands and organisations for trying to appear more hip on social media – but when what was supposed to be a bop becomes a flop, it gives us all secondhand cringe.

To make their anti-scam PSA poppin’, the police force produced a K-pop style video complete with elaborate sets, choreographed moves, and even an original tune with lyrics.

@Singapore Police Force

Scams are always evolving and scammers are finding ways to perfect their crimes. Be vigilant!

♬ Promoted Music – Singapore Police Force

And by lyrics we mean deep meaningful liners like “if it’s sus, don’t trust” and “stop the crime, it’s your time to shine” (this doesn’t even make sense). Yikes.

It also seems that it was a collaboration between media company SGAG and Singapore Police Force which is not surprising because the style is on-brand with SGAG’s lowbrow humor,

The arresting lyrics are not lost on the audience as well, with even local hip-hop artist Yung Raja chipping in with his thoughts.

Cringe, we definitely did.

But props to them – they really are trying to raise their TikTok game. Peep their page and you’ll find hit cop show Brooklyn 99 references, a slightly impressive use of transition effects and comedy, and even some Marvel-style cinematography.

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