Rob Gronkowski on Shark Week: 'I'm keeping my hands in my pants'

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski went swimming with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas for Monster Tag, part of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and Gronk being Gronk, he dropped some wonderful quotes. Naturally, the prolific pass catcher was worried about losing one of his precious hands, so he devised a plan.

“My mom always said take my hands out of my pants when I was young,” Gronk said. “But this time, I’m keeping my hands in my pants.” Great for not getting your hand bitten off by a shark, not so much for catching footballs.

Though Gronk was with the scientists to tag tiger sharks, at one point they caught and tagged a lemon shark. He then learned something he never knew about male sharks: They have two penises. Upon learning this, Gronk said, “They’re lucky that they got two.”


After the group caught and tagged a tiger shark, Gronk looked at the camera and said happily, “It’s science. I’m part of science. Who would have thought?” And since Gronk helped tag it, he got to name it. Fortunately for the shark, it will never have to hear its name. “I’m gonna name the tiger shark that we tagged and released Mrs. Tiger Gronk,” he said.

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