Robert Downey Jr. could defend Jack Nicholson in 'The Judge'

Warner Bros. is currently actively seeking out Jack Nicholson for forthcoming drama The Judge, reveals The Hollywood Reporter. Robert Downey Jr. himself, who holds the lead role in the movie, is said to be trying to coax the 75-year old Hollywood star out of retirement to play his character's father.

The actor last seen in an Iron Man suit is about to meet up with Nicholson to talk about the project, reports the publication.

Nicholson's age won't hinder his chances for the role: he would play an Alzheimer-addled judge who is the main suspect in his wife's murder.

Robert Downey Jr., who coproduces the movie, will portray the judge's son, a famous attorney who goes back to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. When he discovers his father is the prime suspect, he decides to find out what really happened. David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) will direct the film.