'Rocket League' game parades 'Stranger Things' Halloween crossover

Crossover sports video game "Rocket League" has unveiled a seasonal collaboration with hit TV series "Stranger Things": a Farmstead arena and its resident Mind Flayer, themed car decals and accessories, and a special Candy Corn currency.

From October 14, 2019, "Rocket League" will be welcoming "Stranger Things" into its mix of soccer and radio-controlled car stunts via a four-week Haunted Hallows event.

A new arena, called the Farmstead, not only brings a "Stranger Things" aesthetic to the console and computer game but a new aspect to play, with developer Psyonix promising that participants will have to look after their teammates due to the presence of the Upside Down's malicious Mind Flayer.

Those that survive the Mind Flayer's attentions should find themselves rewarded with pieces of Candy Corn, which they can then exchange for Fall, Halloween and "Stranger Things" decorative items in a Haunted Hallows event store: car decals, alternative wheels, flags, rooftop accessories, and a deep red contrail with a "Stranger Things" visual motif.

The event runs until November 11.

"Rocket League" is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One consoles, and Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Along with "Fortnite," its success helped push the adoption of cross-platform play, allowing players on different, traditionally rival console and computer platforms to join in the same online matches.

Season 3 of "Stranger Things" debuted in July 2019 via Netflix.