Rodlek Tells Nong-O To ‘Be Careful And Get Ready’ For Friday Night’s ONE World Title Clash

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Earlier this year, Rodlek PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym had a stroke of luck that allowed him to re-enter the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai Tournament.

With his second chance to earn a matchup with Nong-O Gaiyanghadao for the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title, Rodlek valiantly defeated co-finalist “Left Meteorite” Kulabdam Sor. Jor. Piek Uthai.

Now, he’s just days away from his reward.

That reward is a World Title clash with Nong-O in the co-main event of ONE: COLLISION COURSE this Friday, 18 December, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

“When I lost in the first round [of the tournament], I felt hopeless, like I may need to start again. But luckily, I got the chance to fight Kulabdam,” Rodlek said.

“Kulabdam had just beaten Sangmanee – he was very powerful, and I was afraid that I would lose, but I thought if I closed down his punches on the left side, I could win.

“When I was in the ring, I closed down his left punches, and everything was in my control.”

Rodlek not only closed the distance, but he also knocked Kulabdam down twice en route to the unanimous decision win. His punches and kicks were a big help, and they will undoubtedly be his strongest weapons against Nong-O.

“I will attack from the start and let him throw out his fists to reduce his power. Then it will be my time to beat him,” Rodlek said.

“My outstanding weapon could be a kick or a punch. It does not depend on the strength, but on the continuity, and I think I will last for a longer time and beat my opponent.

“I want to say to Nong-O that I will not be easy, and I may have something special for you on that day. Be careful and get ready.”

The warning shot may sound like bravado coming from Rodlek. However, the Thai has already proven he can hang with the best athletes in ONE Super Series.

With that said, Nong-O is the final obstacle standing between the challenger and the greatest accolade that a Muay Thai fighter can earn: a ONE Super Series belt.

Rodlek knows he has his naysayers, but with this much on the line, he believes it’s possible to dethrone the reigning king.

“I am glad to face him because everyone thinks I am inferior to him in terms of experience and skill. If I lose, I lose nothing. But if I win, I can make a giant leap for my career,” Rodlek said.

“I have to move forward on him because if I don’t, he will do it instead, but he has a lot of tactics and a lot of experience. I will need to step forward as usual, but more carefully because he is very fast. If I miss, there will be a high chance I will lose.

“This could be my only chance to win [a ONE World Title] in my career. If I lose, I have to start again. If I can defeat him, I will be the champion, so I must do my best, try harder, and practice harder than ever. Anything can be achieved with my effort.”

If the determined challenger puts in the type of performance that he delivered against Kulabdam, he might just do what all who came before him failed to achieve.

“People may think I cannot beat him, but if I could win against Nong-O, it will change my life,” Rodlek added.

“This would be the biggest honor of my life, and it would bring a bigger reputation to my gym to have its first [ONE Super Series] World Champion. It matters for us.”

Watch Rodlek and Nong-O fight for the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title this Friday, 18 December, at ONE: COLLISION COURSE by tuning in to meWATCH or the ONE Super App at 8:30 p.m. Singapore Standard Time (SGT).

Singaporean fans can also watch the event live by purchasing tickets from

Also, Channel 5 will cut into the broadcast at 10 p.m. SGT.

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