Rodziah voices support for Rafizi's policies


SHAH ALAM: The policies laid out by candidates in PKR’s party elections will play a key role in determining the party’s future, says PKR central leadership committee member, Rodziah Ismail.

She said the party elections, which will commence soon, is not just about selecting winners.

“We want members of candidates to understand the policies, and what they aim to do for the party.

“I am very much drawn to the views espoused by Rafizi (PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli). He said that if he is given an opportunity to lead the party, he plans to open up a cooperative for PKR members. Now that is ‘reformasi’ (reformation).

“PKR has 900,000 members. Imagine, if each member contributes RM1, then we would already have RM900,000 in funds. What if each person donates RM10? How much is that,” she said.

Rodziah was speaking to reporters after attending a Jom Makan Durian event at Seksyen 32, here on Saturday.

She said reformation is important if PKR is to be even better.

“We do not want people in PKR to feel that they can earn things by being in the government. We want them to have the mindset that being in the government is a responsibility for the people.

“This cooperative can become a means of survival for PKR as it can be used to help its own members,” she said.

Asked whether she was in ‘Camp Rafizi’, Rodziah replied that the PKR vice president has policies which could steer the party to greater heights.

“I didn’t say I was in Rafizi’s camp. I am in favour of the policies he spoke of.

“I feel that as a young person of vision, he should be given room and opportunity.

“We know Rafizi is an outspoken sort. I too share the same character traits. I call a spade a spade.” © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd