Romantic comedy Marry Me is a sweet love story for Valentine's Day

Based on a webcomic of the same title, Marry Me is an American musical rom-com starring J.Lo and Owen Wilson that depicts a whimsical journey of love.

It's a very meaningful and enjoyable film, and here's why:

1. It features stunning chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Maluma.

Directed by Kat Coiro, Marry Me stars singer Jennifer Lopez as Katalina “Kat” Valdez, a sensational Latin pop star, who launches a hit single Marry Me with her superstar boyfriend Bastian (Maluma).

The celebrity couple is going to wed before an audience of their fans in a ceremony that will be streamed across multiple platforms.

Jennifer Lopez as Katalina “Kat” Valdez in Marry Me. (Photo: UIP)
Jennifer Lopez as Katalina “Kat” Valdez in Marry Me. (Photo: UIP)

Apart from seeing J.Lo in action, Marry Me also features her amazing vocals and alluring dance moves.

Colombian singer-songwriter Maluma, who voiced Mariano in animated film Encanto, makes his live action feature film debut with Marry Me.

Despite being a relatively inexperienced actor, Maluma pulls off impressive chemistry with J.Lo, especially when they perform onstage. Their voices also complement each other so well that you will be hooked on their performances. It is also hard to believe that J.Lo is actually 25 years his senior!

2. It's an unorthodox love story.

Although Marry Me sounds more like a romantic fairytale, it actually spells an unusual love story between Kat and a math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson).

After finding out on their wedding day that Bastian has cheated on her, Kat does the most insane thing ever: saying yes to Charlie, who attends her wedding concert and happens to hold the sign “Marry Me”.

As the two begin to know more about each other, they realise that they are in fact not so different, despite being polar opposites. Kat is surrounded by attention and has assistants to help her manage her daily life. On the other hand, Charlie knows nothing about social media and still uses a feature phone straight out of the '90s!

Owen Wilson as Charlie Gilbert in Marry Me. (Photo: UIP)
Owen Wilson as Charlie Gilbert in Marry Me. (Photo: UIP)

But it is exactly because of this personality that turns Charlie into an unexpected comic relief in the film. He shoots out multiple hilarious lines that you would not associate with a seemingly boring math teacher, making the film more memorable and amusing.

3. It has an awesomely fitting soundtrack.

What is a musical without songs that supplement the story?

Apart from the titular song, Marry Me also features notable songs like Love Of My Life, which is used as an insert song; the ballad version of Marry Me, which epitomises the chemistry between J.Lo and Maluma; After Love, which Kat sings at a school dance; and On My Way, which ties up the ending perfectly.

Marry Me sees stunning chemistry between Jennifer Lopez as Kat and Maluma as Bastian. (Photo: UIP)
Marry Me has stunning chemistry between Jennifer Lopez as Kat and Maluma as Bastian. (Photo: UIP)

The lyrics of these songs also add a special touch to the film that may leave you yearning for more. After watching the film, listening to the soundtrack will definitely jog your memory of the iconic scenes. It wouldn’t be surprising either if you put the soundtrack on repeat; that’s what I’ll do too!

4. It is the movie to watch this Valentine’s Day.

Marry Me is hitting cinemas in Singapore on 10 February, and in the Philippines on 11 February, just a few days shy of Valentine’s Day. Whether you're single or attached, it will be the film to remind you that sometimes love can happen when you least expect it. To quote the film: if you want something different, you have to do something different.

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