Ron Ng addresses supporting role rumour

Ron Ng addresses supporting role rumour

2 Sep – Actors Ron Ng and Roger Kwok recently addressed rumours regarding the former's role in the upcoming TVB series, "The Good and the Bad", Qoos website reported.

Previously, fans of the actor were furious when the cast list that was released by the production ranked Ron below Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin, triggering speculations that the actor has been downgraded to a supporting role.

However, such notion was dismissed by both Roger and the "Triumph in the Skies II" actor himself.

While speaking to the media at the blessing ceremony for the said series at TVB City recently, Roger clarified, "The names were listed based on age, not on importance. Ron has a lot of screen time in the series and his character plays an important role in the drama."

Meanwhile, Ron also assured fans that his role is on the same level with Roger and Kristal's.

Touched by the support that was shown by his fans, Ron said, "There is no ranking like it was speculated. My character will be in the series from start to end. I even had to film until late night for a few nights recently, but fans didn't know this."