Ronaldo says 'competitive' son has every chance of following in his footsteps

One to watch: Ronaldo says his son Cristiano Jr could go far in the game – but won’t put pressure on him

If you’re mourning the fact that before long we’ll never see a player quite like Cristiano Ronaldo ever again, put the tissues away.

The man himself has spotted someone who he says has every one of his trademark features – and could go to the top of the game.

Well he would say that, it’s his son after all.

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In a very rare interview about his private life, the legendary former Real Madrid and Manchester United star has opened up about the Ronaldo legacy – and keeping the famous name going in the game.

The Juventus man believes we will be seeing a lot more of seven-year-old Cristiano Jr in a decade’s time – and that he has even got his win-at-all-costs mentality.

“He’s very competitive,” Ronaldo said in an interview with DANZ after becoming their global ambassador.

“He’s like me as a child. He does not like to lose. He will become like me, I’m 100 per cent sure.

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“I like to teach him some things, but in the end he will choose what to do and will always have my support.

“But of course, I would like him to become a footballer because I think he too has that passion.

“He’s powerful, fast, has good technique, a good shot. I will not put pressure on him, but of course it would be a dream for me to see him one day become a footballer.”

Cristiano Jr has already wowed social media after a clip of him firing in a free-kick in before the World Cup.

Predictably, he didn’t hold back in his celebrations either!