Ronaldo shows off Gangnam Style move

When you're a retired footballing legend like Brazil's Ronaldo 'Fenômeno', you are at the mercy of the Brazilian public.

Ronaldo, 36, who is spending a lot of his post-playing career as ambassador of the Brazil World Cup in 2014, appears to have a hidden talent in busting a move or two.

The former World Cup winner with Brazil participated in 'Medida Certa', a reality TV show where where overweight participants compete to lose at least 20kg by the end of the programme.

During the aerobics portion of the show, he sportingly danced to 'Gangnam Style', the Korean dance anthem which has taken the world by storm. A potential football meme? Definitely.

Falcao celebrating after scoring for Atletico Madrid. (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao has enjoyed a pretty remarkable year in football.

The 26-year-old Colombian - also known as 'El Tigre' to fans, scored a hat-trick against Chelsea to help Atletico win the Super Cup in August. Prior to that, he helped Atletico to their second Europa League title in three years.

In recognition of his impressive performances, GQ in Spain awarded Falcao with the title of Best Athlete of the Year at a glittery awards ceremony he attended with his wife, Lorelei Tarón.

Falcao arrived at the ceremony looking dapper in a suit, while Tarón, an Argentinean singer, wore a stunning red dress.

Indeed, everybody is talking about Falcao these days, and you'd be hard pressed to find a football fanatic who isn't raving about him or keeping his fingers crossed for a move to the Premiership in January.

Award organisers also got Puyol's ex-girlfriend, Spanish model Malena Costa to present Falcao with the award.

Costa, who broke up with the Barcelona defender last year, is currently engaged to Atletico Madrid's Mario Suárez, who is Falcao's teammate.

AC Milan midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and his girlfriend, Italian model Melissa Sata, were said to be embroiled in relationship problems last month, when it emerged that she had been exchanging flirty text messages with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now that all those ridiculous rumours have been squashed by the couple themselves, the Ghanian international is said to have presented Sata with a specially-commissioned Rolex watch with the couples' initials engraved on it.

Surely that's special, but according to reports, Sata's ex-boyfriend, former Italian international Cristian Vieiri, also presented her with two watches from the same brand.

Coincidence? Well, it makes sense if you were Kevin-Prince yourself- you wouldn't want your fiancee to be wearing a watch given to her by an ex-boyfriend.

There's really no bigger form of flattery than a tattoo of a person's face on your body.

And it certainly appears that Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes found this out for himself when the squad was in Moscow for their Champions League clash against Spartak Moscow earlier this week.

Barcelona fanatic Olga Carreras could have chosen to inscribe an image of a current club legend such as Leo Messi on her right arm, but instead, went ahead and got one of their under-appreciated but highly talented goalkeeper, Valdes, instead.

Visibly overwhelmed by Carreras, Valdes snapped a photo with his 'biggest fan', who apparently also shares similar Catalan roots.

Iker Casillas' long-term girlfriend Sara Carbonero. (Getty Images)

Here's an unlikely person playing the role of the paparazzi: Iker Casillas' long-term girlfriend Sara Carbonero. When you have a Hollywood actor like Elijah Wood sitting across the table from you, you don't have much of a choice, do you?

Anyway, Sara and her beau Iker Casillas were out dining at a restaurant in Madrid this week when a member of Elijah's table approached her and asked if she could snap a photo of the group.

Meanwhile, Casillas took the opportunity to snap a classic photo of the incident. Unfortunately this time, Frodo (played by Elijah Wood in the "Lord of the Rings" film series) was unable to present an actual ring for the Madrid SuperCouple - you know which one we're talking about!

Photos via : Victor Valdes, Iker Casillas, GQ Magazine Spain & Kevin-Prince Boateng