Ronan Pak's Valentine's Day single

Ronan Pak's Valentine's Day single

7 Feb – Actor Ronan Pak, who gained a lot of attention for his small role as Samantha Ko's rapist in TVB series, "Friendly Fire", is showcasing his musical talent by releasing a single.

As reported on Groove Asia website, the actor recently collaborated with 2013's newcomer, singer Dickson Chan and came out with a single, "Don't Bother", to be released on Valentine's Day.

Ronan, who is also an alumnus of the HK Academy for Performing Arts majoring in musical, revealed, "I've been active in musicals in the past, and have always had this one idea to release a single on every holiday. Finally my wish came true this year on Valentine's Day."

The actor continued, "I was able to invite Sanchez Lam to compose the song and it's a duet with Dickson Chan. His debut album is releasing in March."

Asked if he's not worried that two men singing a duet on Valentine's Day will cause a misunderstanding, the actor replied, "Actually this song is about my feelings of being single for several years. Dickson is also single and we're used to being single. We hope all the other singles out there can feel the resonance after listening to this song."