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Got pets? This poop-avoiding Roomba — currently $250 off — means no more messes

Don't you hate household appliances that ostensibly make your life easier, except you still have to do an annoying prep step? Like having to clean your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher — what is that? Similarly, what good is investing in a robot vacuum to clean your floors for you if you first have to clear its path of every errant electrical plug, Lego, or piece of poop? That's right: poop. We all do it — hell, there's an entire book on the subject — and sometimes our beloved kitties and puppies, whether by accident or out of malicious spite, do it on our floors. But if we don't dispose of it pre-vacuuming, or if we're not around when our robovac sets off on a scheduled journey, we could come home to a smeary, fetid mess. Well, Roomba's j7 can put those fears to rest, and it's $250 off right now.

With the j7, you can now (literally) drop the kids off at the pool without worrying about coming home to a doo-doo disaster.
$349 at Amazon

In addition to its well-celebrated power, edge-sweeping brush, 3-Stage Cleaning System, and no-brainer programmability, this Roomba employs iRobot Genius Technology and PrecisionVision Navigation to avoid solid (or even not-so-solid — yuck!) objects in its way. Yes, you'll still have to pick up that special little present from your four-legged friend when you get home, but you won't be scrubbing away at yards-long skidmarks for hours, not to mention the grosser-than-gross job you'll have ahead of you cleaning the vac's ick-edup mechanism and emptying its now cesspool-like waste reservoir. That'll have you wanting to evacuate...your home, that is.

No worries, though, with the j7. And get a load (heh) of this pledge from the manufacturer: "Only iRobot brings you P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise). You can rely on your Roomba j7 to avoid pet waste, or we’ll replace it for free." We gotta say: If they're trying to score brownie points with us, they've succeeded!

Some of you won't be able to resist singing this Roomba's praises. Others may find scatting the more apt reaction. (Photo: Amazon)

And we're not the only ones. "Best Roomba in the lot," trumpeted the headline of one shopper's rave review. "It hasn't had any issues recognizing obstacles that it should avoid, living up to the P.O.O.P. promise."

But there are hundreds of five-star fans singling out the j7 for non-fecal-matter-related reasons too! Like this one, who calls it "Magic.... This is THE BEST! It’s a workhorse and I can turn it on from my phone! I can tell it to clean one room or 10. I have it programmed to clean just my kitchen floor every morning, so I wake up to a clean kitchen every day. It saves my back! I love it."

"We just got a rescue dog and she sheds like nothing I've ever seen," said another elated shopper. "Roomba j7 to the rescue; we got one for our upstairs and have an older Roomba on our main level. If I could have bought two or three, I totally would've! The improvements on Roomba health, camera, light…all totally worth it!"

With the j7, you can now (literally) drop the kids off at the pool without worrying about coming home to a doo-doo disaster.
$349 at Amazon

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