Rosina Lam has left TVB

21 Jul – It was revealed that TVB actress Rosina Lam will not be returning to the company after all.

According to Mingpao, the actress who earlier admitted that she is taking a break from work to spend time with her family, reportedly decided not to renew her contract with TVB when it expires at the beginning of July.

Said Rosina, she made the decision for the sake of her married life.

"I have been busy working, so I never noticed it before. But my manager made me realise recently that I have been working in TVB for many years now. I have been working all the time," she said.

Rosina stressed that her relationship with TVB is fine, but that she really need to have more time for her personal life.

"I have to take care of my body, so I will focus on my family for the time being," she added.

Nonetheless, Rosina stressed that she hopes to work with TVB again in the future, as the company has been good to her all these years.

On the other hand, her upcoming drama, "Our Unwinding Ethos" will be airing next month.

(Photo Source: Rosina Lam Instagram)