Row after row of Heinz ketchup seen on supermarket shelves in Caracas

Venezuelans have experienced a blackout for several days, some homes have no water supply and international media reports of a food crisis amid empty supermarket shelves. But this state-owned supermarket in Caracas shows one product for which there is certainly no shortage: tomato ketchup. Bizarre video filmed by Argentinian journalist Joaquin Sanchez, who has been reporting on the crisis in Venezuela, shows Heinz ketchup bottles lined up row after row at Abastos Bicentenario supermarket in Caracas. The ketchup bottles have been spaced out so that it appears that the shelves are full of products. "They are trying to fill in the empty shelves so it seems there is no food shortage,'' Sanchez writes. ''There were very few products for sale and the prices were very high,'' he added. Some meat can be seen for sale in the video. The clip was captured on February 16.