RTD takes over AES... and here's where the cameras are


KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport Department (RTD) has taken over the operations of 45 Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras, effective Sept 1.

The AES is also known as AWAS or Automated Awareness Safety System.

The Transport Ministry, in a statement on Monday, said the 29 and 16 cameras were to record speeding offences and instances of motorists running the red light, respectively.

The ministry said the locations of cameras (for those speeding beyond the 110kph limit) include KM256.1 of the East Coast Highway 2 (Kuala Terengganu-bound); KM18 of the Guthrie Highway (northbound); KM 28.4 of the ELITE Highway (northbound); and KM 96.3 of the PLUS Highway (southbound).

“For 90kph speeding offences, the cameras are at KM 301.6 of the PLUS Highway (northbound) and KM17 of

Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai; while for 80kph and 70kph, the cameras are at KM 6.6 of the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) and KM 1.6 of Lebuh Sentosa, Putrajaya,” said the ministry.

Meanwhile, the locations of the red light cameras include Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur, KM11 of Jalan Setiawan-Ipoh and KM36 of Jalan Alor Setar-Butterworth.

“At the same time, we are in the process of obtaining approval from the local authorities to install cameras in two more locations for both offences,” read the statement.

The ministry said AWAS locations would feature three signboards to inform motorists of the camera operation zones.

“The signboards are placed one, two and three kilometres away from where the speed cameras are installed.

“As for red light offences, three signboards would also be installed at a distance of between 50 metres and one kilometre before the cameras.”

At the same time, traffic offenders are given a 60-day compound at a rate of RM300 for AWAS offences.

“Demerit points would also be deducted. For red light offences, regular vehicles would be deducted four points while buses would be deducted six points.

“For speeding offences exceeding between one kph to 25kph, this will involve two and four point deductions for regular vehicles and buses, respectively.

“Speeding offences exceeding between 25kmh to 40kmh will see three and five point deductions for regular vehicles and buses, respectively. Speeding in excess of 40kph above the limit will result in deductions of four and six points for the same categories.

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