Ruby Lin threatens legal action over past allegations

18 Sep - Taiwanese actress-producer Ruby Lin has recently taken the legal route by releasing her lawyer's statement regarding the allegations made against her in the last couple of weeks.

As reported on Epoch Times, on 15 September, the actress' studio forwarded the statement, in which they demanded for other parties to stop spreading false reports about Ruby Lin and making insulting remarks against her.

The letter also stated that these accusations are considered "the infringement of the right to privacy", and that they have the right to take legal action against relevant parties.

At the same time, the studio also posted a copy of the receipt of its legal fee, saying that they have accepted it as a case of cyber violence, and that they are preparing to take it to court.

Ruby made headlines last week for three separate issues;

1. Fellow "My Fair Princess" co-star Zhou Jie belated response to her previous claims that their onscreen kiss was the worst she ever had after the actor tried to French kiss her.

2. Wallace Huo pointing his finger at the paparazzi while trying to defend her.

3. A viral clip of Ruby keeping a voodoo doll of co-star Zhao Wei in her wardrobe, which was later revealed to be a joke that was planned in advance.

(Photo Source: Ruby Lin Weibo)