Rules to Follow When Making Plans with Your Grown-Up Friends

Therese Aseoche

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Rules to Follow

When Making Plans

with Your Grown-Up Friends

By Therese Aseoche

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The sad reality of growing older is that you can never seem to get a hold of your barkada no matter how hard you try to plan your next get-together. But there’s actually a method to arranging those plans that, although won’t guarantee successful meet-ups all the time, will avoid them crashing into dead ends (or the deafening silence that comes after “So, ano na guys?”)

Make the first move

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Don’t wait for someone else to get the ball rolling. If you find a promo for a group travel or want to try a new restaurant nearby or just genuinely yearn for a barkada night out, then be the one to reach out first!


Set a specific time, place, and date

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Plans tend to fail when they aren’t clear from the beginning. If you’re the one initiating the hangout, then set the specifics right away. As much as possible, avoid this kind of conversation:

A: Labas tayo!
B: Kailan?
A: Kailan kayo free?
C: Saan ba balak?
A: Pwede sa mall or food park. Kayo?
D: Kahit saan.

Annoying, isn’t it?


If you’re not free on the proposed date, suggest another

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It’s likewise annoying when someone says “Sorry, I’m not free on that date,” and then disappears without another word. It’s as though they don’t really want to see you and your group of friends for some reason they didn’t even bother to explain.

If you’re guilty of this, then instead of shutting down the plan with your “I’m not free” card, suggest an alternative. It shows that you do care about meeting up despite your busy schedule (which is most likely just as busy as that of your friends’).


Don’t seenzone

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Worse than those who don’t suggest an alternative plan are those who don’t bother joining in the conversation. Everyone is trying their best to make the plan push through; show some effort to plan along with them at least! “I’m busy” is hardly an excuse because if you can spare a few minutes to chat with your officemate, you can spare a few seconds to reply to your barkada thread.