Cinema ruling against Muslim couples revoked

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Cinema ruling against Muslim couples revoked

11 Jul – Kuala Selangor's District Council (MDKS) has been ordered to revoke its ruling that unmarried Muslim couples are banned from sitting together inside the cinema halls in the district with immediate effect, after preliminary investigations into its origins.

According to Selangor's State Executive Councillor Ronnie Liu, the ban that was proposed by a PAS councillor during the MDKS full board meeting in May was not consulted with the state government before its implementation, and that they were not aware that such a ruling had been passed at all.

"I only found out from the press. In other local councils, there is no such ruling. So I will ask the MDKS president to delay the ruling and bring it to the full board for further discussions," said Liu at a press conference.

The story printed in Chinese newspapers goes that cinemas in the district were made to put up notices informing patrons of the new ruling. If they did not do so, their commercial licenses would not be renewed.

"This ruling has caused fear among Muslims and deterred them from coming to our cinema, which is also bad for business," remarked a source from the cinema chain Lotus Five Star.

Currently, there is only one Lotus Five Star cinema operating in the 1 Plaza district.