Rumours on Kedah Sultan's health untrue, says principal private secretary


ALOR STAR: The Kedah palace today denies rumours circulating on social media that Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'Adzam Shah, is ailing.

The Sultan's principal private secretary Datuk Paduka Syed Unan Mashri Syed Abdullah told Bernama that irresponsible individuals had erroneously amplified a simple letter issued by the Kedah State Islamic Religious Affairs Department to purposely make it ‘viral’.

"Alhamdulillah, the Sultan is well but we must also remember that at almost 90 years of age, he may not be as energetic as in the past.

"Even so, he did visit the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2017 (Lima '17) and also graced the opening of Masjid Padang Lalang Langkawi," he was quoted in a text reply to Bernama.

The rumours had been circulating since late last night following a letter of notification sent by the Kedah State Islamic Religious Affairs Department to all district officers, instructing them to remind the imam in their respective districts to perform 'solat hajat' for the Sultan's health after Friday prayers today.

Syed Unan Mashri added that it was normal for the department to issue such letters asking for mosques in the state to hold the special prayers from time to time.