Run the Jewels Joins Stephen Colbert for a Naughty Halloween Song

On Thursday’s The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert aimed to revamp our small library of Halloween songs, so he collaborated with hip-hop group Run the Jewels. Colbert tried to start the song as a lighthearted, family-friendly romp about seeing Dracula do the “Halloween Wiggle,” Run the Jewels stormed in, declaring, “This ain’t ya daddy’s Monster Mash.”  

Colbert campily sang, “At first I was scared, then I started to giggle ’cause I saw Dracula do the Halloween Wiggle.” Killer Mike and El-P then ripped into verses with lines like, “Drop the pumpkin down low and make my fun size sticky. I’m about to find out if you’re a treaty or a tricky.”

Then El-P was flanked by dancers shaking while he sang, “Make the candy apples jiggle, girl.”

Though it wasn’t quite kid-friendly, it was the adult-themed Halloween song we didn’t know we needed.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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